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Accurate Tint Website May 23rd, 2010

Most people that know me know that I do a lot of graphic design, print design & advertising for Sound of Tri-State an electronics retailer in Delaware. I have been working with them for probably close to 10 years!! They are good friends to me and close like family, they have a lot of people in their organization, a lot of inside employees and a lot of close knit businesses that they kind of “take under their wing”, like me for example. One of the businesses that is tight knit with SOTS is owned by a very cool guy that I have known for years, his name is Abe from Accurate Tint.. When he learned that I build websites he had always asked me to build him a site, and finally we really committed and tied down to actually do it. So I donno, I guess after 2 years of gathering information and building the site (when I get free time from shooting weddings) this is the final creation!!!

It still needs a little work (it’s about 97% complete in my eyes) but I have been super busy and I busted my butt on the site to make it the way it is today. It is 100% better than what was there before so that is a huge improvement already, and I hope he has been getting a lot of positive results from the site!! He has already told me that many people have made comments and complimented him on the site!! I’m sure there will need to be changes made soon and I’m ready and waiting for the time to come. But until then I’ll just hope and pray that nothing gets messed up on the site, because I hear that his wife is taking classes to learn how to use flash, oh jeez!! Haha jk, I have backups and I provided them with a disk containing all of the files used to create the website, so it’s all good!

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