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Before & After – Kevin’s Infiniti M45 November 20th, 2010

Kevin and his Infiniti M45 are part of Liberty VIP, and luckily for him, his car has been chosen to be featured in the upcoming Liberty VIP car calendar! The only sad thing is… He lives in California and I won’t be able to make it out there to shoot his car, not that I wouldn’t go there, but I guess no one has any budget to fly me out there. Maybe next time… But anyways he had to find someone local to shoot his car, so he asked a local California friend/photographer Berkeley Clemets to shoot his car. Kevin told me that he was given permission by the photographer to edit the image so I went away at it and did my thing!!! I chose this shot because it was an interesting angle, the other 2 images that i was provided (one was a front on shot, and the other was a side only shot) were not calendar material, so this one made the most sense to use. Anyways this angle is great I really like it, but the ground was just a little boring for me, I mean, not really “boring”, just not interesting or “VIP”…. So I searched the internet to find a suitable background and wow what a difficult task!!! The crazy angle made it VERY difficult to find a background but luckily I stumbled on a Maserati Advertiesement that fit my needs PERFECTLY!! You know the background is good for a luxury VIP car if it is from a Maserati advertisement haha!!!

So yeah, after I found the background I had to clean the car up a little. There were all kind of reflections on the car, you can see on the hood and on the roof there is what appears to be barbed wire, and on the side you can see reflections of the wall of whatever he was close to when taking pictures, and you can see reflections of nearby buildings.. After I got rid of all that I got rid of the blueish tint on the front windshield, and played with the side windows. I’m not sure if I’m 100% satisfied with how I did the side windows but I can always go back and play with them a little more some other time, but I think it’s better than what it was originally.. So after cleaning the car up and placing it in it’s new background we have this nice new image!! Enjoy!

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