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Liberty VIP – Geno’s Steaks Shoot – Philly Rob’s GS300 November 19th, 2010

It’s nice to shoot a car locally for a change, actually this shoot was literally 2 blocks from me!!! Yep I am only a couple blocks from the famous philly landmark Pats & Genos! It was great to hang out with Rob and admire his beautiful car! In the car with him was the and only Agim – master of the Liberty VIP universe who runs the Liberty VIP Blog, and one of my good buddies Ninja (Jerry Nguyen) who is getting his feet wet in photography..

We had a good time, Rob pulled right up and parked right in front of Genos like he owned the place and layed the car on the ground like a BOSS!! And I set up my camera and started shooting away, the whole time people were admiring the car and driving by with their jaws dropped! Also, I didn’t notice while I was shooting but there was a cop sitting there parked across the street watching us! Really it’s no biggy to shoot here because it is like any other landmark / tourist spot in philadelphia, people take pictures here and shoot video on almost a daily basis. So yeah I wasn’t worried about getting kicked out, and besides I was pretty quick about getting my shots anyways.. And thank you Agim for getting a cheesesteak for Jane and I, yes we are easy to please!

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