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Wedding Tip: Saving Money on your Wedding Day! January 22nd, 2011

Ok so there are many ways to save money on your wedding day. And I constantly think of more ways to save money, so I think this post will continue to grow and grow as I think of more things, instead of making multiple blog posts about this… I will probably eventually organize this nicely too, but for now, here’s all of my thoughts in a nutshell..

Your wedding venue may have decorations already!!! Ask them if you can borrow them.
This is much more effective than buying something new for your wedding that you will never use again.
But watch out, some higher end wedding venue’s might try to charge you top dollar to “rent” their decorations, where it might be better to spend a couple extra dollars just to buy it so you can have it forever..

Use your framed family pictures, that’s some free decorations that will catch people’s attention and they will be a conversation piece..
Moms and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grand parents etc… These images really add extra closeness, warmth and emotion to your day.

Another way to save a bit of cash is your wedding venue.
The location you select can seriously affect your budget.
Instead of a catering hall, you can opt for a less expensive venue.
A beautiful back yard
Fire Hall
Public Garden
Community Center
Historic Building
If you do have your heart set on a particular venue, opting for a Sunday or even a weekday is an alternative route to have your dream venue at a lower cost.
Also, there is a 90% chance you will be able to negotiate an even lower price during the off season (December, January, February)!!!!

Cutting your guest list is definitely the easiest way to cut wedding costs!!
And if you take my advice and do a Sunday, Weekday, or Off-Season wedding this might be easier than you think!!!

Never buy anything with the word wedding in it. I heard this advice before a loooooong time ago, it’s kind of common sense but it has been said many times and passed around forever. If you can find an alternate product, you will be saving money, kinda like buying generic stuff. It seems items such as “wedding shoes”, “wedding dress”, “wedding invitations”, “wedding cake”, etc.. have an inflated price just because the people who sell these things know that people go crazy for wedding stuff…

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