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Passion Entertainment – Agency Shoot February 17th, 2011

A few weeks ago I was contacted by an agency, they loved some of my modeling photos that they saw somewhere on the net and asked if I shoot nudes. To me, nudes is the same thing as shooting models, just with less clothes, no biggy… I was told that they are looking for classy nudes, no raunchy stuff, I am all about nice classy photos. Today I did shoot (1 of 3) for the agency, Passion Entertainment, just a warning – this is not a model agency, it is an adult entertainment agency. Teamed up with my good friend and Makeup Artist – Alanna we had a great shoot. The lady from the agency was very nice to work with, and the “model” was very nice too; looking forward to more shoots in the future.

We did a couple different sets for this shoot, first we started off on the bed doing some laying down poses. For the shoot we just used a bed, with a fluffy comforter and used a plain black background.. Since my studio space isn’t very spaceous and not very luxurious looking (it sure isn’t no playboy mansion) I had to rely on my editing skills to switch out the background..


For the second set, we wanted to do some standing 3/4 body shots.
So I set it up with a really cool purple background that I used in the past.
We had a lot of fun with it and even did some full body shots using a chair.


This last shot above, the client was kind of disappointed because I “made her look too good”!!! I was surprised when I heard this, then it was explained to me that if customers want to meet her, they will expect her to look like she does in the picture…(McDonalds and Burger King need to follow that slogan because their value meals look nothing like they do in pictures!!).. So anyways yeah, that’s understandable, but I was told to make her look thinner, accentuate her rear and breasts when editing this picture.. Guess I got a little carried away, but after a few tries I made it to a look she was comfortable showing to clients..

I was not particularly fond of any of these pictures, but they are the images picked by the client, so this is it!
I have some other shots that are more interesting and artistic that I would like to edit one day when I get free time.

Just for fun, here are a couple BEFORE AND AFTER shots, just to show the amount of time and editing that went into some of these..

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