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Before & After – Professional Wedding Photo Editing June 23rd, 2011

People often ask me, “do you photoshop your pictures” or “can you switch my head” or “I blinked in that shot, is it possible to fix it”. There are all different kinds of variations of things people ask me when it comes to editing pictures, and the answer to everyone’s question is YES – I do it all. But do I like to do it? That is a different answer….. Haha. All jokes aside, I actually do enjoy doing crazy edits and saving pictures, but with weddings the number of photos taken can be upwards of 1,000 – 3,000 images!! There is no way I would be happy to fix 1,000+ photos! So as a professional I quickly learned to “get it right the first time”.. Meaning, shoot the image correctly with the right settings, avoid distractions in the background, and check to make sure everyone is paying attention with eyes open looking at the camera, no blinks! This all might sound easy but believe me it’s not!

For selected images by request – the “bloopers” are usually corrected and the unedited versions are deleted never to be seen by another person. I have been just deleting the bloopers for YEARS, never letting the images be viewed by another person other than myself and the customer. I know about my skills and abilities, and when the customer sees the results they know my skills and abilities, but not many of you readers and hopeful future customers know what I can do. So here is just a little taste of some fun Before & After photos from the April 18, 2010 wedding of Hannah & Daniel Quinn, so you can see a small sample of some of the work I do. (These images are all cropped so you can get a bigger/better look at the edits made).

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