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Wedding – High Resolution Disk June 24th, 2011

Most of my wedding packages include High Resolution Disk, but some do not. And sometimes my couples do not even get a package they just pick and choose what they want. Honestly it’s up to the couple to decide what they want, not everyone wants every single picture taken on their wedding put on a disk. Some couples are happy to just have some 4×6 and 8×10 prints and an album which is just fine! Most of my couples that want the High Resolution Disk are the type of people that enjoy putting together their own albums and making their own prints, and they are really creative! And it is actually really cost effective to get all of the high resolution files on disk also!

I always suggest getting the high resolution images for a few reasons:

    • With the High Resolution Disks you can keep your memories forever and you have full control with whatever you want to do to your images.
    • You can make as many prints as you want, at any time, at whatever size you want to print them, you’re the boss – no middle man.
    • Think the professional print lab I use in NYC is too costly? You can print the files anywhere you like! (Yes you can bring them to Ritz 1 hour photo or Walmart, if you do – please don’t tell me and hurt my feelings!)
    • If you later decide to design an album through a 3rd party, they will tell you that it is essential that they have the high resolution files to get the optimal quality results for printed pages.
    • I will probably update this later with more….

When you get the High Resolution Disk it comes with more than you might expect. The “High Resolution Disk” is actually it’s own mini-package and should be called something more exciting than “High Resolution Disk” because as you can see below, it is more than that.

This is what you get with the High Resolution Disk:
The High Resolution Disk actually comes with 2 sets of DVD disks

    • One set of disks is just for show and safe keeping. This set is artistically designed and kept safe in a leather bound or brushed aluminum CD case (brushed aluminum for additional fee). This set is just to admire and show off to friends and family like a keepsake. These disks are locked and write protected so they can’t accidentally be written over or duplicated.
    • Second set of disks is a plain set of disks that you can use to look at on your computer or TV or anywhere. This set you are able to make duplicate copies of and you can pretty much do whatever you want with this set. If you will be making prints, you can bring these disks to print labs, or where ever you like – so you don’t have to use your good disks. And if they get scratched up from the kids playing Frisbee with it, I can make a copy for you if you didn’t already make a backup copy yourself.
    • Print & Digital Copy of Full Reprint Rights Print Release Form – This is also another important thing that comes with the high resolution files because when handling professional photographs in most cases you will be asked to provide proof that you have permission to use and or print the files you posses. No one wants to pick up their prints only to be turned down because you don’t have a written release from the author, this is embarrassing and a pain in the butt.
    • The images on both sets of disks will be fully color corrected and most noticeable distractions will be removed with all of my attention to detail and all of the editing magic I posses. All images are color, and there is a separate folder or disk with all images in black and white (this is identically the same for both sets of disks).
    • Additionally, on the second set of disks (the set you actually use) there is a 3rd folder with all images re-sized, sharpened and optimized for web sharing (facebook/myspace/blogs/email). Just to make things more convenient for my customers because not everyone has photoshop or some program that can re-size images without losing image quality!

    You’ll see. The investment is definitely worth it.

  1. Jenn Weber
    June 25th, 2011 at 12:55 | #1

    We’re so excited to get ours!! Definitely worth it!!!

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