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Wedding Tip: Some Couples Tell Guests to Put Down Their Devices. June 13th, 2011

When I came across this article it really hit me because I see it all the time. Almost everyone wants to be a photographer these days, and people just can’t help themselves with taking pictures, even with the worst cameras in the world, they try to take pictures of everything they see. For whatever reason, I have no idea.. But almost everyone is connected to social media these days and almost everyone has some kind of camera (Digital camera, 35mm film camera, point and shoot digital camera, cellphone camera, etc.). With so many cell phones and smart phones out there, wedding images are uploaded instantly to Facebook and other social media sites! Even in a lot of churches, priests make an announcement to not use cellphones or cameras to take pictures and no flash during the ceremony. A lot of “photographers” complain about it, maybe they are jealous or whatever but as long as they don’t get in my way and block me from doing my job, I honestly see nothing wrong with it. As a professional, I am quick and I can usually plan where to position myself before the shot happens, so wedding guests with their cameras don’t really bother me unless they are standing where I need to be to get my shots. This does occasionally happen (most often during cake cutting or family photos at the church) but I have no problem politely asking them to move out of my way, and usually when they see my huge camera and my bulging biceps they have no problem moving out of my way!! haha :) For those persistent people that make it their goal to be annoying, a little friendly nudge and kick in the butt might be needed!! haha jk ;) But yeah, if you are hiring a professional to document the day and he/she has a free photo gallery for all of the guests to see and enjoy the professional photos for free, it’s a no brainer, tell those uncle bob to put down the camera so every picture that the professional takes of of him won’t be blocked by the camera up to his face..! haha

The Off Beat Bride (click here) has an excellent article with HILARIOUS pictures that are 100% REAL, I have seen stuff like this in my years as a wedding photographer.. This is well worth the time to read, very entertaining stuff here and there are a lot of excellent points made!

Image taken from offbeatbride.com, Image by Photo by Nora & Troy at Aurora-Photography.com

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