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Model Shoot – Gabby (round 2) July 18th, 2011

It is always a pleasure to shoot fun & interesting models who are excited and open to do many things! This beautiful girl needs no introduction, Gabby has been seen on my blog already once before… I shot Gabby back in February, on my birthday, because she needed head shots for her agency. We didn’t shoot on my birthday for any special reason, it just so happened that she was available to shoot that day and so was I. So now that she is already in that one agency, she is looking to get into a new agency and they wanted to see her with a different hair style so she came to me again for head shots.. She really only wanted head shots, and a couple quick shots outdoors, but we went picture crazy and didn’t put an end to our fun until about 4 hours later! I can’t tell which is my favorite, both studio and outdoors photos were fun and she enjoyed everything. She is soo fun and enthusiastic and open for anything, she will do good modeling/acting!

Here is Gabby’s post shoot interview!
(Be sure to watch it in 1080p HD!!)


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