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Liberty VIP – Dumbo, NY – Rodney’s Acura TL

October 23rd, 2010 No comments

We made a second trip to NYC for a photo shoot with Rodney and his Acura TL. Being smarter about NYC traffic, we made an appointment with him at 9am on a Saturday morning. Driving around Canal Street we found an alleyway that was perfect for the first shoot – a narrow one-way street with tall surrounding buildings.


Next we head to Dumbo, NY, well known for its distinct view of the Manhattan Bridge off of a cobblestone road. Unfortunately there was construction on that particular road, but we were able to secure a pretty nice spot with a perfect view of the bridge. We were actually blocking parts of the road during the photo shoot, but even the NYPD was impressed by the Acura that when they stopped by to check on us, they didn’t mind us taking over the spot for an hour or so.

Liberty VIP – NYC with Ron and Ty’s Lexus GS’s

October 8th, 2010 No comments

We drove up to NYC on a Friday afternoon to meet up with Ron and Ty to take photos of their Lexus GS’s.
Probably wasn’t a good idea to leave Philly at 2 in the afternoon just in time to hit – NYC traffic… not a good time.
But meeting King Ty and Ron Ron and seeing their beautiful cars suddenly made all my stress and hatred of NYC traffic go away!


Our first photo shoot location was at the JFK Airport, thinking that aircraft hangars and airplanes would provide a good backdrop for the VIP cars. But that dream was short lived because just as quickly as we got setup to take a couple pictures we got chased out, which really sucks because Ron had prior obligations and was not able to stay for long. This is why I always plan and get permits/permission ahead of time, to avoid hassles.

After Ron left, we ended up following Ty – driving through Howard Beach to look for another cool location and ended up getting VIP treatment from Russo’s on the Bay. The front of the restaurant provided a pretty classy background for Ty’s GS. We were actually greeted by the restaurant staff with open arms. They LOVED KING Ty and his car very much, I think just about every male employee came out to see the car at least once that night, everyone from bus boys to management!! The shots in front of the building were great, but this edit where I changed out the background looks MUCH nicer… I hope I can go back some day and get more pictures in front of the place on a better day with more time and better lighting..

They were so impressed/interested in our shoot that not only did they allowed us to set up our shoot right in front of their restaurant, they even gave us free pasta at the end of the shoot!

Liberty VIP – Princeton NJ with Dave’s Audi A8L

September 24th, 2010 No comments

Dave’s car was the first one shot for the Liberty VIP Calendar I guess because we were both anxious and both had free time! So I went up to Princeton NJ to meet Dave and shoot his car, not knowing much about the Princeton area I was hoping he had some ideas for locations. Unfortunately we didn’t really have any locations in mind so we spent a while driving around and chatting and scouting out places. We stumbled on this empty construction area and started snapping away!! I got some really great shots!! Then we were thinking about other ideas and he mentioned the Princeton Airport and that Canibeat was having a car show there very soon. So we had to go check it out!! Once we arrived we decided to play it safe and talk to someone at the airport to get permission to shoot there so we didn’t get ourselves into any danger and so we didn’t get chased out or arrested! So we kinda mentioned that we are shooting for the calendar.. ahem.. i mean car show? ahem.. cough.. yeah.. So yeah, they said that it would be fine for us to shoot there!! So we were excited and it was fun!! Unfortunately the sun was setting really quickly at this point and I didn’t get to get what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I captured some great pictures of his car at the airport, but to me the car looks more “sporty” just the way it was positioned and the background…. The A8L is not sporty, it is LONG and luxurious.. So I wanted to use a shot that accentuated it’s features so I choose a shot from the construction site to use for the calendar.. But when it came time to edit I was thinking to myself… Wow this is such a beautiful VIP style car… But it seems out of place in this run down construction site…. So I had to work some magic

RIDESLOW – Lexus GS430 shoot in Philadelphia

August 15th, 2010 No comments

My buddy Chris’ car is ALWAYS in the shop getting work done!! One day he asked if I would like to shoot his car, having seen the car everywhere online and in real life I was excited and ready to shoot!! What made the whole deal even better is that he was willing to come from NYC to my back yard in Philadelphia to come shoot with me! We started out by Tony Lukes and got a bite to eat and took a couple pictures under the bridge, then we went to this parking garage where disaster struck!!!! Chris “RIDES LOW”, even over speed bumps, and one of the speed bumps in the parking garage was not cement, it was some kind of plastic material, so when Chris ran it over the whole car was jerked to a hault!!!! (pictures below of the damage made to the speed bump). And Chris’s car suffered a casualty too, the car was stopped by it’s exhaust, so the whole exhaust shifted a little and would need to be repaired, but that didn’t interfere with the pictures. Anyways the pictures for the whole day came out great and we had a good time. Enjoy

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Accurate Tint Website

May 23rd, 2010 No comments

Most people that know me know that I do a lot of graphic design, print design & advertising for Sound of Tri-State an electronics retailer in Delaware. I have been working with them for probably close to 10 years!! They are good friends to me and close like family, they have a lot of people in their organization, a lot of inside employees and a lot of close knit businesses that they kind of “take under their wing”, like me for example. One of the businesses that is tight knit with SOTS is owned by a very cool guy that I have known for years, his name is Abe from Accurate Tint.. When he learned that I build websites he had always asked me to build him a site, and finally we really committed and tied down to actually do it. So I donno, I guess after 2 years of gathering information and building the site (when I get free time from shooting weddings) this is the final creation!!!

It still needs a little work (it’s about 97% complete in my eyes) but I have been super busy and I busted my butt on the site to make it the way it is today. It is 100% better than what was there before so that is a huge improvement already, and I hope he has been getting a lot of positive results from the site!! He has already told me that many people have made comments and complimented him on the site!! I’m sure there will need to be changes made soon and I’m ready and waiting for the time to come. But until then I’ll just hope and pray that nothing gets messed up on the site, because I hear that his wife is taking classes to learn how to use flash, oh jeez!! Haha jk, I have backups and I provided them with a disk containing all of the files used to create the website, so it’s all good!

Michelle – Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R

March 16th, 2008 1 comment

I was contacted by Michelle a few months back to do a shoot with her and her bike. It would have been nice to be in the studio but we still had a VERY successful shoot, I brought backdrop, lights, and diffusers to the garage and had most of it setup before she arrived. Here is the end result.

Click to see larger image with more detail.




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