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Easter Day – Post Apocalyptic Couples Shoot!!

April 24th, 2011 No comments

Most people eat candy and hide eggs on Easter. Not me, I work and have fun taking pictures!!! I met Kandi on ModelMayhem and she was interested in doing a shoot with her fiance and mentioned that they have a dark/gothic style to them, and I noticed it in her pictures a post apocalyptic style picture and bam the light switch came on!!! “Lets do a post apocalyptic couples shoot!!!!!” I have never seen this done before so I’m gonna say score for me, more originality points!!

Anyways we went to a couple locations that I know of that were close to my favorite meeting location IKEA South Philly! I know a bunch of other spots to shoot the post apocalypse theme but it would require more traffic and going to north east philadelphia, kensington, port richmond, but I didn’t want to spend all of our shooting time on the road. So, for the first spot we visited today there are some trains that looked like they have been sitting for a while, so we made ourselves at home while being cautious of all the sharp barbed wire and rusty metal on the ground.. Then we walked to this nearby place that had a whole bunch of wooden crates, and finally we ended up at my all time favorite shooting spot that I have been to MILLIONS of times. What a great day for pictures, 81 degrees and the sky was nice, hottest day of 2011 so far..

Most photographers, when they mess up on photos they edit them HEAVILY (adjusting brightness/contrast/saturation and more) to cover up their mistakes.. I don’t have to edit my pictures because they come out good from the beginning, but for this shoot I chose to edit them to fit the post apocalyptic theme, below is a sample of what my photos look like before edit. I am providing my couple with edited and non-edited photos just in case they don’t like my editing.

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