About MeMay 25th, 2011

Hello I’m Alex, but most people call me Lex for short! I am located in Center City, Philadelphia, but don’t let that fool you… I LOOOOOOVE to travel and have shot weddings across the US and would love to shoot weddings in different parts of the world!!

I have been photographing weddings for five years and am a versatile photographer who works closely with every couple to ensure their special day is captured beautifully down to the smallest features. I take the time to bring out the true emotions and feelings of every client while using my eye for detail to keenly frame portraits and precisely capture candid moments. My background as a Portraiture and Commercial photographer ensures attention to details while striving for top quality, also allowing me the flexibility to tailor my photography to match the couple‚Äôs vision. I do everything from informal documentary photojournalistic style to the more posed and traditional formal portrait style. My team and I are totally infectious with enthusiasm and delightfully laid back personalities. We believe this will contribute to capturing images that document every last picture-perfect detail of your day. At weddings, people often mistaken me for part of the family! And more interestingly, I have been adopted by the parents of many brides and grooms! Haha I’m not even kidding! And if you think you have a camera shy fiance don’t worry… I have been known to turn the most camera-shy groom into the most camera friendly goof ball! =)

Besides wedding photography, I also provide other professional photography services including portraitures, model portfolios, and auto/car photography. Samples of my work can be found throughout the blog so please feel free to take a look around, provide any feedback and enjoy!

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  1. Linh Nguyen
    May 16th, 2011 at 22:15 | #1

    hello alex;
    wow 5 years of photographing weddings?
    well im still in high school
    like second last year (Yr 11)
    and im really interested in photographer
    and i wanted to do this as a career after i finished high school
    but im still un sure like the themes i should like do
    eg. weddings, family, graduation etc
    i would like for you advice :)
    please reply back to my email
    thanks ^^

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